Choosing The Right Sewing Machine

ChoosingTheRightSewingMachineThe right sewing machine will be your lifelong friend.

I’ve been sewing all my life and don’t remember a time when a sewing machine wasn’t around. My auntie was a tailor and as a youngster I would sit and watch her – if I was good I’d be allowed to do little bits. I can’t imagine life without my machine.

What would I recommend – well, first work out what you want to use it for. Are you new to sewing, have you had one before and want to upgrade it, will you be making clothes, or cushions, do you want to embroider or, as is usual, a bit of everything. Think about the types of fabrics you may want to use and if you want a basic range of stitches or a wider selection.

Whatever you do, trying it out is essential. Go into any C&H and give it a go – someone will always be there to help. Get the feel of it; do you feel comfortable? Quite often I find people are surprised by how easy they are to use.

There are a few features I’d say are essential if you’re starting out.

BUTTONHOLES – if you’re not planning to do these, you just might in the future and this is a godsend.

NEEDLE-DOWN POSITION – literally what it says. Every time you stop the needle finishes in the down position. So useful for giving you control.

REVERSING – I think just about all machines reverse nowadays, that’s how important this is. It enables you to lock your stitches at the beginning and the end of a row.

SLEEVE ARM – so you can sew in those narrow areas – like sleeves!

Many machines have a choice of speeds. I usually recommend starting with a medium speed, although a lower one is fine to start with if it feels more comfortable.

Budget has a part to play, a big part, but be guided more by what works for you and which machine you’ll enjoy using the most.

Touch it, play with it, ask questions and I’m sure you’ll go home with a lifelong friend.

Happy sewing!

Written By

Val – Dress Department, Eastbourne Store

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