Supporting WDC This May!

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I am super happy to announce that we will be supporting The Whale and Dolphin Conservation charity throughout May.

Every day, whales and dolphins face multiple threats – hunting, fishing nets, pollution and so many other dangers. WDC is the leading global charity dedicated to the conservation and protection of these remarkable creatures. WDC’s core belief is that all whales and dolphins have the right to live free from hunting, captivity, entanglement in fishing gear and nets, and to swim in clean, noise-free waters where boats won’t injure them.

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Help us raise money for this fantastic cause by making your own cuddly sea mammal – pick up a craft whale or knitted dolphin pattern in exchange for a small donation! If you can give a bit more then why not enter our raffle as well? SEA LIFE Brighton have generously donated nine pairs of tickets to enjoy a Shark Feeding Experience for 2 and each store has their own friendly whale made using fabric remnants for you to win!

We will be stocking beautiful whale cushions and tote bags, for which a percentage of each purchase will go to WDC as well as all proceeds from the sale of our 5p carrier bags for the month of April.

Visit your local store to join us in supporting this wonderful charity – let’s recycle together and keep our oceans squeaky clean!

Written by

Kristen – Buyer’s Assistant, Head Office

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