Hanging & Dressing Curtains

At C & H we emphasise the importance of hanging and dressing curtains properly, to ensure that the best finish is achieved. However many people are unsure of what it is we mean by ‘hang and dress’. Here I will explain the benefits of finishing curtains off properly, for example adding weights, and how to make them look their best!


You may find by just hanging your curtains up straight from their packaging, that they don’t look straight and, when open, cover part of the window which will block light from entering the room. When closed they will seem to be all over the place and let light penetrate through the top if they are hung too low.


By hanging the curtains higher on the track, it has helped to decrease the amount of light penetration into the room while hiding the track and penny weights have been added to the bottom corners to enable the fabric to hang better. However although the curtains have been hung better, they are yet to be ‘dressed’ which is why the bottom is billowing out when open.


The pictures above show how to dress the curtains properly. The idea is to manually form the pleats where you want them to fall. You will find that parts of the curtain naturally come forward, so use these as a starting point. I find that it can be easier to start at the top, then the bottom and finally the middle. Make sure the depth of each pleat is even and that they are roughly evenly spaced apart. Use leftover strips of fabric or lining to create ties to hold the curtain in place. The curtains should be left like this for 24 hours to maximise the effect and to ensure the pleats are well set.

Once you have removed the ties, you will find that the curtains hang well and straight. When open they will stack to the side of the window, allowing the maximum amount of light to enter.

This is a brief guide showing the difference hanging and dressing curtains can make. Hanging and dressing is a service we offer for all of our curtains, even ready mades but if you would like more information or instruction then any of our furnishing staff will be more than welcome to demonstrate in store!

Written by

Jess – Furnishing Department, Horsham Store


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