Making A Quilt – Part 1

I love making quilts and have made a few for family and friends but I’ve always stuck to a fairly basic block pattern or made up my own (which doesn’t always go according to plan and usually needs one or two adjustments)! I’ve been trying to find a quilt pattern that is easy to follow but with a unique end result and that’s when I stumbled across the Disappearing Nine Patch Quilt. It’s a basic nine patch pattern but you cut the block into four, hence the ‘Disappearing’ part!

I’ll be taking you through the making of my newest quilt over the course of a few blogs as I progress through each stage. This quilt is a Christmas present for my daughter – starting it now means I can take my time and get it right!

First you need your materials and equipment (please note I am just going to list what you need for now and will give a new list for each stage) as follows – :

81 fabric squares (5 in x 5in)

Sewing thread



Marking pencil

Sewing machine


Now for the fun part – arranging the nine patch block! Lay the block out as three rows of three and remember to take your time and have a play – the centre square will end up being cut into four small squares so keep this in mind (I wouldn’t put a large pattern here). Once you are you are happy with your block, it’s time to stitch it together.

* Just a quick note now – use a 1/4 inch (6mm) seam allowance for this quilt


Take your first row and stitch the patches together so you end up with a chain of three squares. Repeat this for the middle and bottom rows. You will now have three rows of three squares. Press the seams.


Now sew the three rows together, making sure to match your seams. Again, when you have finished stitching, press your seams.


Next, it is time to cut your nine patch block into smaller blocks. Measure halfway across your block vertically and cut in half. Do the same across horizontally.


Now you are left with four smaller blocks.

Repeat this process with the other groups of patches and you are left with 36 blocks. Now it’s time to really make the nine patches disappear – turn the blocks in different ways (some 45 degrees, some 180 degrees, whatever you like the look of) and you will be left with a totally unique layout, ready for stitching!

That’s as far as I have got for now, but part 2 of this blog will cover stitching the blocks together and adding borders to complete your quilt top.

Until then, happy sewing!

Written By

Sarah – Web Assistant and Sewing Novice



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