How To Make A No Sew Tutu

MainWhether it’s for a Halloween party or school dress up day, sometimes you need a costume in a hurry (particularly if your child, like mine, informs you of these events the day before). This no-sew tutu is perfect for a multitude of characters – a fairy (use delicate pastel colours), a witch (striking orange, green and black), clown (bright rainbow shades) and much more!! Just put the tutu together with a plain colour tee or leotard and coloured tights or leggings for a quick, but sweet outfit.

You will need:

1 x 20mm wide braid elastic the length of the waist measurement.

20cm peel and stick no-sew Velcro (the stronger the better).

3 x 1m lengths of dress net in the colours of your choice. (If you really want to go to town, get as many colours as you want and layer the dress net).

1 x length of ribbon (circumference of the waistband plus 50cm).

First cut your dress net into 10cm wide strips. Now take your elastic and apply about 2 inches of peel and stick to each end.

Put the elastic waistband around a mannequin or model.




As shown, loop the dress net strips around the elastic waist band and knot.

When the waistband is covered*, take your ribbon and feed between each dress net strip, starting at the back. Tie a bow at the back when you have finished.

*If you want to add more dress net strips for a layered effect, do this now.

Voila, you have a pretty tutu which will provide hours of dress up fun!

Written by

Sarah – Web Assistant


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