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Celebrating Liberty Prints

Liberty prints are some of the most recognisable in the world and are loved by all who find them! Their cotton tana lawns have a beautifully soft,silky texture and are suitable for endless projects. Dresses, shirts, skirts, quilting, patchwork – the list goes on and on!

Liberty prints have a long and rich history and I have picked my favourite designs below…


Michelle is a 1930’s floral design with in gorgeous shades and will add a vintage country feel to your creations.


Tessa is a classic paisley print with intricate line detail in rich colours – perfect for scarves, waistcoats, shirt-dresses and more.


A 1960’s floral design, Ciara makes a bold statement and features exquisite detail and colour.


Poppy & Daisy is a 1970’s floral design by the Jack Prince Studio – I love the muted tones mixed with splashes of bold colour.


Designed in 1933 (when C & H was founded!), Betsy lends a wonderful vintage charm to any project and is one of the most iconic prints.


Thorpe was designed in the Sixties by the Hayward Studio and features a dense floral print in an explosion of complementary shades.


Wiltshire is a pretty leaf and berry design from the 1930’s and the small print is well suited to shirts, dresses, skirts and more.


While Ros is one of the later Liberty designs (2002), the print is a classic country floral and the red and pink blooms stand out wonderfully against the white background.


Another recent addition to the Liberty range, Margaret Annie has a real Sixties vibe and features hand drawn Summer blooms with amazing detail and colour.


Phoebe is a miniature floral print from the 1960’s in a sweet pink shade. I love the simplicity of the design.


Based on two floral prints, this Liberty pattern combines Emma (a design from the Seventies) with the more recent Georgina (2002).


A homage to the famous design by William Morris, Lodden has been rescaled and redrawn by Liberty and comes in a muted blue and green colourway.


Capel was designed in the 1970’s and makes me think of lazy days in the country – the warm ochre background makes the white detail pop wonderfully.


Finally, we have Strawberry Thief, a smaller scale version of the iconic William Morris design. A timeless print in a blend of complementary shades.

I want them all! Liberty prints do tend to be pricier than your average cotton, but they are well worth investing in. You can make a cushion or bag using just half a metre, or buy small quantities of a few and mix them with other fabrics to make a patchwork quilt.

Whatever you create, it will have the high quality you expect from the famous Liberty brand and be passed down through generations.

Written by

Sarah – Web Assistant and Liberty Fan

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