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Geometric Prints

Makower have brought out a gorgeous new range of Geometric cotton fabrics and have used these to make the beautiful animal footstools below.


The colours and designs co-ordinate beautifully and will give a contemporary and fun feel to any project! We’ve picked our favourite designs from the Geometrics by Inprint range and you will find a link to the tutorials for the elephant, hippo and pig footstools at the bottom of this post.


A simple but striking design, Abacus comes in a mix of strong shades which complement each other beautifully.

‘Large Lozenge’ & ‘Lozenge’

The Large Lozenge and Lozenge designs are a bold pattern choice and will definitely ensure your project makes a statement!


We love the combination of muted grey and bold orange on Mosaic and the colours work well with the detailed pattern.

‘Large Parasols’ & ‘Parasols’

A fresh modern pattern, we recommend ‘Large Parasols’ for bigger pieces and ‘Parasols’ for smaller work.


Such a simple design, Triangle makes an impact and we love the combination of colour tones.

Find these fabrics in selected stores and online – to make one of those sweet footstools yourself, go to the Makower website for full instructions.

Written by

Sarah – Web Assistant



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