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Our Picks….Children’s Prints

There is something quite special about children’s fabrics with their exciting  designs and vibrant colours. Whether you’re eagerly awaiting their arrival and designing their nursery or you are updating an existing bedroom, there are plenty of fabrics to browse through!

Children’s fabrics capture that childhood imagination of adventures to far away lands or quirky animals you might find hiding in the depths of the jungle. A child’s bedroom becomes a space they can call their own, to dream and be creative. By using bright, colourful and fun designs you will help their imagination grow as well as creating a perfect space for them!

Here we have found our top children’s fabric collections, all of which can be found in our stores.

Be Happy 1
‘Be Happy’ – Prestigious Textiles
Be Happy 2
‘Be Happy’ – Prestigious Textiles

Be Happy from Prestigious Textiles features charming designs designed to inspire the imagination! Boats, butterflies, kites, stars and underwater creatures  – see more here.

What A Hoot 1
‘What A Hoot’ – Harlequin
What A Hoot 2
‘What A Hoot’ – Harlequin

What A Hoot from Harlequin is packed full of wonderful designs just for kids including colourful dinosaurs, friendly owls, pretty ballerinas and sweet cupcakes. See more here.

‘Guess Who’ – Scion
‘Guess Who’ – Scion

The Guess Who? collection from Scion features colourful designs including exotic and country animals, stripes, florals, butterflies and more. See more here.

Forest Friends 1
‘Forest Friends’ – Prestigious Textiles
Forest Friends 2
‘Forest Friends’ – Prestigious Textiles

Forest Friends from Prestigious Textiles is a gorgeous collection of children’s fabrics with designs ranging from owls, teddies, foxes and deer to sweet bunnies and folksy florals – all in a selection of pastel and bright shades. See more here.

‘All About Me’ – Harlequin
‘All About Me’ – Harlequin

All About Me from Harlequin is a colourful collection of fabrics and features a great choice of designs including numbers, houses, hearts and planes – see more here.

‘Abracazoo’ – Sanderson
‘Abracazoo’ – Sanderson

Explore make believe worlds and fantasy lands with the Abracazoo collection from Sanderson. Pirates, fairies, alphabet animals and more feature in this stunning compilation  – see more here.

Playtime 1
‘Playtime’ – Prestigious Textiles
Playtime 2
‘Playtime’ – Prestigious Textiles

The Playtime collection from Prestigious Textiles includes fierce dinosaurs, jungle animals, butterflies, stars, mermaids and more – all in an array of beautiful shades! See more here.

Storybook 1
‘Storybook’ – Clarke & Clarke
Storybook 2
‘Storybook’ – Clarke & Clarke

Storybook from Clarke and Clarke features charming designs for boys and girls, from calming nautical prints to whimsical country animal patterns. See more here.

There are so many other designs to see within all of these collections so why not take a trip to your local C & H to have a browse!

Written by

Jess – Furnishings Dept, Horsham store



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