Supporting Breast Cancer Care This October


This month we are proud to be supporting Breast Cancer Care, a fantastic charity who are committed to providing care, information and support to people affected by breast cancer.

Biopsies, surgery and radiation treatments can all cause pain and discomfort, making it difficult to find a comfortable position. My mother in law has recently been treated for breast cancer and she was given a heart shaped pillow to help alleviate some of the tenderness that occurred afterwards.

We are asking all of our customers to make one of these pillows – they are so easy to put together and you don’t need a lot of materials or equipment.

To make the pillow you will need:

50cm of fabric (at least 100cm wide)

Hollowfill stuffing (1 bag should be enough)

Fabric scissors

Sewing needle


Chalk or marking pencil

Sewing machine

Start by printing off the heart template (follow links below).

Heart Template 1

Heart Template 2

Now join these pieces together where indicated and cut out along the line.

Cut your fabric in half along the width. Take one piece and fold in half with right sides together.

Position the template on the fold of your fabric (as above) and pin.

Trace the shape using your marking pencil/chalk. Make sure to transfer the markings for your opening (if you need to leave a smaller or larger opening you can adjust where you mark).

Remove the template and cut out the heart.

Repeat for the other piece of fabric.


Unfold each of your cut out pieces and you should have two heart shapes.


Place one heart on top of the other, right sides together, and pin in place.

Sew together using a 12mm seam allowance.  Start at one end of your opening and finish at the other. Remember to back stitch at either end.


Clip around the edges of your heart shape every 3cm (make sure not to cut through your seam stitches).

Turn the heart right side out and stuff with your filling through the opening. Make sure the heart is evenly stuffed and is firm but comfortable.

Press the opening seams and then either hand or machine stitch closed.

Once you have made your pillow, take it in to your local C & H where it will be sent to one of our local hospitals. As a thank you, we will offer a 10% store discount on your next purchase for everyone who participates.

Collection boxes for Breast Cancer Care are in every store and anything you can give will be greatly appreciated – please help us to support this wonderful charity and help to provide comfort to the thousands of people diagnosed with breast cancer every year.

Written by

Sarah – Web Assistant


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