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Our Picks….Autumn & Winter Fragrances.

The colder weather has begun and the days are getting shorter which can only mean one thing – Autumn is here and Winter won’t be far behind.

I like to change the fragrance of my home to suit the seasons and find the right scent adds a welcoming touch.

I’ve picked our top Autumn and Winter fragrances which will help to give your home a warm and cosy feeling and there is something for everyone – whether you prefer natural woody aromas or rich, fruity scents!

‘Warm Wool’ – Woodwick

Let the scent of a freshly washed jumper envelope you – a warm fragrance with floral notes, this candle is a gorgeous new addition to the Woodwick range.

‘Warm Winter Punch’ – Ashleigh & Burwood

Bring the wonderful spicy cinnamon scent of family Christmas parties in to your home with this beautiful reed diffuser from Ashleigh & Burwood.

‘Winter’ – Stoneglow

An exquisite blend of white jasmine and fresh mint, this understated reed diffuser from Stoneglow is ideal for bringing the scent of a Winter garden in to your home.

‘Spiced Blackberry’ – Woodwick

A deliciously rich and fruity scent, Spiced Blackberry by Woodwick is perfect for adding a warm and comforting feel to your home.

‘Log Fires’ – Ashleigh & Burwood

What better way to make your home feel warm and cosy, than releasing the aroma of a log fire – woody and musky, this scent is perfect for creating a comforting ambience.

‘Cinnamon & Orange’ – Stoneglow

A classic winter fragrance, cinnamon and orange brings zesty, spicy notes in to your home and this beautiful gel candle from Stoneglow features real botanical pieces for an extra decorative touch.

‘Applewood Trilogy’ – Woodwick

We love the unique quality of this candle – there are three different scented layers and as the candle burns, each layer melts in to the next to create a unique aroma! Sweet, sticky, woody and tart, this apple fragranced candle is the perfect Autumnal scent!

‘White Christmas’ – Ashleigh & Burwood

Bring back memories of long walks on frosty Winter days with this beautiful diffuser from Ashleigh & Burwood. The scent of Winter berries and cardomom blend with the warm aromas of myrrh and vanilla to create the perfect Christmas fragrance.

‘Fig, Amber & Musk’ – Stoneglow

A rich fragrance, the fruity fig and berry aromas blend wonderfully with the exotic scents of cedarwood, amber and musk in this simple Stoneglow candle.

‘Frasier Fir’ – Woodwick

Ideal for bringing the outdoors in to your home, this Woodwick candle perfectly captures the fragrance of fresh fir trees on a cold Winter morning – one of my favourites!

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Sarah – Web Assistant

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