3 Quick & Easy Christmas Decorations

Christmas trees are starting to go up and everyone has their own preference for colour and style. There are so many decorations out there it can be difficult to choose – and you may not find what you are looking for so why not try making your own?

This blog will show you three easy-to-make Christmas decs and you can make these to complement your festive theme!


First up we have the ribbon rose bauble – perfect if vintage is the look you are after! You will need the following:

Polystyrene balls (any size)

Ribbon roses (make sure you have enough to cover the baubles)

Pearl headed pins

A 15cm length of complementing ribbon


Take your ribbon and pin the two ends in the poly ball (this creates the loop you will hang your bauble from).


Now take a ribbon rose and pin it through the centre to the ball. Continue with your remaining roses until the ball is covered.

Done (really!). The great thing about this type of decoration is that it works with so many things – you could use buttons, craft pom poms and more.


Christmas Wreath

These are a lovely way to decorate your home – and again, so simple to make!

You will need:

A polystyrene wreath

Tinsel Chunky yarn (1 ball is plenty)

Ribbon (around 2 metres in the width of your choice)

Craft snowflakes

Pearl headed pins


Take your yarn and tie the end around your wreath, securing with a knot (make it tight).

Now wind the yarn around the wreath until it is fully covered. Secure the other end with another knot. I’ve used Tinsel Chunky yarn in white as it has a lovely soft texture and looks very festive!


Take your ribbon and secure it underneath the wreath with a pin. Now wrap the ribbon around the wreath in the style of your choosing (I left gaps of around 12cm between each rotation).


Take a snowflake and pin it to your ribbon with a pearl headed pin. Repeat for the rest of the wreath.

Now you just need to tie a ribbon around it to hang from your preferred place! This is such an easy decoration to create and again, it can be made to suit your own personal theme.


Felt Holly Garland

Another easy peasy idea, this holly garland is a very quick felt project which looks very effective and doesn’t need a lot of materials.

You will need

Green felt (I used the sparkly one as it is stiffer)

Red pom poms

Sewing thread

Ribbon (as long as you want the garland to be – width no wider than half an inch)

Craft glue (for fabrics)


Draw holly leaves on your green felt and cut out.


Take two leaves and over lap slightly. Glue in place.


Then take a red pom pom and glue where the leaves overlap. Repeat for your remaining leaves and wait until the glue is completely dry.


Create a hanging loop at each end of your ribbon (just a few quick stitches will secure this).


Stitch each holly bunch at intervals until your garland is complete!

So there you have it – a few quick and simple ideas which you can make your own!

Happy crafting!

Written by

Sarah – Web Assistant



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