Win….A Silver Sewing Machine!

Please note this giveaway is now closed. Congratulations to our winner Wendy! Thank you to Silver Viscount for their collaboration on this giveaway!

A sewing machine opens up a whole new world of creativity and it’s important to get the right one for you!

We offer a range of machines from trusted brand Silver Viscount and have picked our favourites for different levels of experience!


The 25-2 is from the Silver Anniversary range and is the ideal starting machine for beginners. It features 19 stitch patterns as well as a 4 step buttonhole function and comes with a built in accessory box containing extra feet and bobbins, spare needles and more! It is great value for money and looks pretty too! Find out more about this machine here.


The 1045 machine is a fantastic computerised machine for intermediate sewing and has a host of features and functions! It’s easy to select which of the 110 stitch patterns you need  using the LCD information screen and it even tells you which presser foot you should be using! There are 7 one-step button hole functions available and all manner of accessories included! Find out more here.


The 9500E really is the creme de la creme of computerised sewing machines and features an astounding 503 stitch patterns, 11 one-step buttonholes, 3 alphabets and more! It includes extra lighting, a deluxe walking foot, easy read LCD display and so much more. Find out more about this top of the range machine here.

C & H and Silver Viscount are giving you the chance to win a 1045 computerised sewing machine worth over £250!

To enter, just tell us about the last thing you made by hand or machine in the comments box below.

The competition closes at midnight on 13th December and winners will be notified the on the 15th December. Only one entry per person and winners will be picked at random. Please note this giveaway is open to UK entrants only.

52 thoughts on “Win….A Silver Sewing Machine!

  1. I made bunting for my friends’ wedding. We had organised a team effort. Someone measuring, someone cutting, someone sewing. All was going well, until smoke started issuing from the machine. Apparently a capacitor had blown . My friends are now very happily married.


  2. The last thing I made by machine was a giant, fluffy (and I think very adorable!) black rat. My friend commissioned me to make it as a gag-gift for his friend who claims to have seen a rat the size of a cat in India. It has very much become a shaggy dog story so this is very much about giving a little nudge of humour. It’s so nice being able to turn out things like this for friends – making stuff to spec is one of the real joys of being creative with sewing machines.


  3. I last made my son a fluffy shepherds waistcoat on my old machine for his early years nativity play which was this morning. He has been learning the songs for weeks and looked smashing with all the other little characters on the stage! Sadly my trusty old singer machine has sewn its last. it was a faithful go-to friend and had served me for over 20 years, hopefully someone can use it for parts!


  4. I made a peg bag for a colleague in the shape of a cat as she is a cat lover and strung a washing line like a necklace with felt clothes secured with tiny craft pegs!


  5. Well, I have an extremely old singer machine passed down through the generations. My mother in law had it converted to an electric machine so you will have some idea of how old it is! However, it has been well used and is still going strong; the last thing I made was a skirt. Having recently retired as a software engineer, I am interested to read about computerised sewing machines, as that’s my sort of thing. Maybe I should be looking at getting one and doing more sewing now I have more time! I’m sure those who inherit the sewing machine from me would like a more modern one but then I still like “old faithful”.😊


  6. I made a beautiful collage lampshade inspired by my love of my birthplace Corbridge Northumberland . I spent an idyllic retreat weekend recently with my daughter Nicola in the wilds of the Yorkshire Moors being taught by Marna Lunt – a fab stitcher and well
    known maker . We were so inspired by Marna’s teaching , all work by me was hand stitched together – Marna’s way – very random stitching , not tidy , just ‘go with the flow ‘ type of work the result is amazing ! It was a simply beautiful way to spend a weekend – I would have put up a
    photo of lampshade for you all to see – but can’t load up on page! .


  7. The last thing I made was a selection of ‘hearts’ for the C&H breast cancer appeal. My machine has had to be put away while we decorated but it will be out again soon.


  8. I’ve just completed a line of bunting with each flag displaying a photograph, printed onto fabric, recording each month of baby Oliver’s 1st year and to be hung at his first birthday party.


  9. I have just finished a Linus quilt, to be used for the babies and children in hospital. It’s real pleasure to make these knowing that they are going for an extremely good cause. X


  10. I have borrowed a machine from a friend, pending researching getting one for myself. As I now have three beautiful Granddaughters I’m getting in some practice on a door draught excluder before I start making some dresses for them. Good luck to everyone who has entered. Here’s hoping, Roxy, Thea and Lillia. xx


  11. The last thing I made was a lovely dress (which I am still in the final stage of ) which I was making in my weekly sewing classes at your Eastbourne branch in October but unfortunately during our house move my sewing machine got dropped and no longer works 😦 so will have to finish by hand unless santa brings me a new one


  12. The last thing a made using my sewing machine was a Halloween Costume. It was an amazing dress and velvet cloak to look like Winifred Sanderson from Hocus Pocus!


  13. The last thing I sewed by machine was bunting for a summer party. My last efforts by hand were 10 ‘capes’ for a superhero party for my son. Great fun was had in decorating the capes and being superheroes; there was even one for me to wear!


  14. I made a cushion for a 4 week old baby. It was my first zip insertion but I loved putting his name in big letters on the front.

    It looks great in his nursery and I’m looking forward to my next challenge


  15. What a lovely competition! The last thing I made was a birthday postcard. I crocheted three elephants in thread on the edge of a piece of jute ribbon, then appliqued this to a piece of wool felt. I made a stiff sandwich with some Pelmet Vilene and calico, then zigzagged all the edges together. Never happier than when I’m making something 🙂


  16. My girls and I made Christmas placemats. They both sewed the Christmas blocks together on their own. My eldest is 9 and my youngest is 7. They both can thread a machine correctly. We love sewing!


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