How To Make..A Fabric Pin Board

A pin board is a great way to stay organised in your home and the perfect place to store invitations, lists, reminders and more! It’s also another way to display photos (especially if, like me, you are starting to run out of space for frames)! This tutorial explains how to take an ordinary notice board and turn it in to something more pleasing to the eye!

You will need:

A cork notice board

Fabric scissors

Material (the size of the notice board plus 6cm on each side)

5 metres ribbon (I’d recommend 10mm wide)

Staple gun and staples


Thread (optional)

Sewing Machine (optional)


First take your fabric, fold in 6mm on each side and press. Repeat so you have a double fold and the raw fabric edges are hidden. Stitch the fold line in place if you prefer.


Now this stage is up to you – I arranged my ribbon in a criss-cross diagonal pattern and stitched in place. It’s fine to leave attaching your ribbon until the end.

Lay the fabric right side down and place your cork board face down in the centre. Starting with the long sides, pull the fabric tight and staple in place on the back of the board. As you get to a corner, fold in and staple in place. Repeat for all sides. My cork board measured 30cm x 40cm and 3 – 4 staples per side was plenty.

If you haven’t attached your ribbon yet, now is the time. Cut the required lengths, keep tight and staple in place on the back of your board.

All done!


I love making these as photo boards and they make great gifts for Mother’s Day, birthdays, Valentine’s Day and more!

Written by

Sarah – Web Assistant


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