10 Minute Make….Ribbon Bookmarks


I’m a big reader but do have a tendency to either fold the corner of a page to mark my place or use whatever scrap piece of paper is hanging around in the cavernous depths of my bag! I thought a hand made bookmark would be a good idea and this method has the benefit of being a quick and easy tutorial as well looking lovely!

You will need:

Two pieces of wide ribbon (at least 50mm width and not satin or organza)

Two pieces of iron on interfacing (same size as your ribbon)


Small piece of thinner co-ordinating ribbon (about 15cm should do)

Take your ribbon and iron the interfacing on the wrong side of your ribbon. The interfacing will give the ribbon a bit more substance!


Take your two pieces of ribbon and place wrong sides together. Stitch in place using a 6mm seam allowance. Leave a 25mm gap at the bottom between where you start stitching and where you finish.


Fold your smaller piece of ribbon in half and insert in the small gap at the bottom of your ribbon (fold first). Stitch over the gap to close.

All done! This really is such a simple way to make a bookmark and less fiddly than using fabrics. I left the raw edges as they were on my ribbon but you could neaten with pinking shears before stitching if preferred. You can also make your bookmark even more decorative by adding embellishments – buttons, bows etc. These also make great gift ideas – a lovely personal touch for a birthday, Mother’s Day and more.

Written by

Sarah S, Web Assistant

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