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If you do a lot of sewing you are sure to have a home full of fabric, reels of thread and ribbon, pins, scissors and more! So how do you store it all – and where do you sew? I have limited space, but do very well with a desk, large toolbox and storage boxes; others have got an entire room to utilise and make in to their own sewing haven.

Your sewing space is unique and this has inspired our latest Pinterest board – it’s fascinating to see how people have adapted the room they have and I have taken a tip or two to make the most of the resources available to me.

Here are my favourite pins.

Check out this blog post from, a wonderful source of inspiration if you have a whole room to play with! The fabrics in embroidery hoops, mirrors and empty frames add a charming decorative touch!


If space is an issue, then visit and see how she renovated a built-in wardrobe in to a mini sewing studio! It’s a great example of maximising the space you have while maintaining a clean, attractive look.


This basic pegboard was transformed in to a colourful wall storage solution and uses a lot of recycled materials that you may have at home – find out how to make at

Our board also features the clever ways people have found to store sewing paraphernalia – using everything from garment hangers to hold ribbon reels to winding embroidery threads around basic wooden pegs!

For more ideas on sewing space and storage, take a look at our Gorgeous Sewing Spaces board – we hope it inspires you!

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