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Back to Blackout – Is It Curtains for the Sun?

With the early-rising sun cascading through our windows and brightening our mornings, getting out of bed and tackling the day head-on is a lot easier for many of us at this time of year. It can also present a few problems though. For when getting up with the sun is not on the agenda, it could be time to install blackout blinds or curtains.

However your home is designed and furnished, there will be a blackout furnishing to suit. From bright and bold coloured blinds for contemporary rooms to more muted tones for traditional styles of blackout curtains – shading your room and your eyes from the sunlight is perfectly possible.


Blackout blinds can also be used wonderfully well with existing curtains, ensuring you keep that style and look you have so carefully pulled together. Alternatively, blackout linings for a favourite set of curtains could be a better solution. A chat with an expert curtain maker will help you make the best decision.

The most important thing to remember when choosing which window dressing to go for; whether it be a stunning set of curtains for the lounge or bedroom blackout blinds, is getting the measurement right. Check your width and drop, ensuring you allow for the window recess, to block out as much light as possible.


Proper measuring and installation really is the key to success. The blinds should extend beyond the edges of the window recess, for example, otherwise the fabric will be framed with light. If you want to screen out every ray, combine a high-quality blackout blind with your curtains.

It is also worth remembering that, while brighter and lighter mornings may have us thinking of blackout curtains and blinds, they can be just as useful at other times.

As the nights stay lighter for longer, for example, getting the children off to bed can be a bit of a struggle. With a blackout blind you may find they are able to get off to sleep much easier. For the adults too, a blackout blind at night may be just the thing; particularly if you fancy an early night from time to time or are troubled by a bothersome bright street light.

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For a more bespoke finish Closs & Hamblin are unique in offering a completely free home measuring and advisory service. Available for curtains and blinds to all customers in the South East, a member of the C&H team can visit you in the comfort your own home and discuss your colour options and other suitable requirements to find the best result.


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