How to Make….A Bridal Veil


Whether your wedding is high glamour or more of a low key vintage affair, a veil is perfect for finishing off your bridal look! Veils can be expensive, so if you are working within a budget, why not try making your own? They are surprisingly easy to create and you can add your own personal touches to make it unique to your style.


To make a simple one tier veil, all you need is a length of veiling, tape measure, fabric shears, needle and thread and a hair comb. These are all available from C&H.


Decide how long and wide you want your veil to be. Traditional lengths of veils are:

  1. Shoulder length 25’’ (63.5cm)
  2. Elbow length 30’’ (76cm)
  3. Hip length 35’’ (89cm)
  4. Fingertip length 40’’ (101cm)
  5. Chapel length 90’’ (229cm)
  6. Cathedral length 110’’ (279cm)

Veiling in C&H is 300cm wide. We would recommend cutting this in half for the width of the veil.


You will need to round the bottom end of the veil. If you are not confident cutting a freehand curve use a large dinner plate to guide you.


Make sure the veil is folded in half with the sides of the veil lined up and cut both layers together.


You may want a classic and simple veil. In which case skip ahead to the section on preparing the comb. Otherwise to add some diamante you will need Gem-Tac, cut glass glue on diamante and a dabber. If you do not have a dabber then you can make one by dipping the end of a cocktail stick into the Gem-Tac.


Unfold the veil and lay it out on a flat surface. Protect your table or floor with scrap cardboard or greaseproof paper. Squeeze a very small amount of the Gem-Tac where you want the diamante to be stuck to your veil.


The diamantes will stick best if you do not touch the back of them. So tip them out onto a saucer and use the dabber or cocktail stick to pick them up and then drop them onto the glue dot.  Be careful not to press down on the diamante or the glue may stick to the surface underneath the veil! Repeat until you are happy with your design.

To prepare the comb, cut a length of veiling about 3cm wide.


Wrap this thin length around the spine of the comb and between each of the teeth. Wrap twice between each of the teeth.


Wrap the veiling around the outside edge of the comb and secure the ends in by sewing them to the inside (concave side) of the comb. Trim the ends.


Using the needle and thread hand sew a line of straight stitch across the top of the veil approximately ½ a centimetre from the edge. Make sure that the thread is secured at the beginning so it will not come out! Be careful not to make the stitches too small. These should be about 1cm in length.


Once you have finished the row of stitching, pull the thread to gather your veil until it is as wide as your comb.


Sewing your veil to the comb is the trickiest part! Place the gathered edge of the veil to the inside of the comb – the side that will go next to your head when it is worn. Use pins if you like to hold it in place while you sew. Use the needle and thread to sew through the veil and around the spine of the comb between the teeth. Sew between each tooth twice. When you reach the end of the comb go back on yourself to secure.


Once you have finished the veil will look like this as the front and this at the back and your veil is complete!


You may wish to embellish the top of your veil. Try adding a lace trim or diamante to finish it off.


And there you have it – a simple, hand made bridal veil at a fraction of the cost of buying one!

Written by

Karen – Haberdashery, Craft, Yarn Buyer

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