Cuban Styling for the Home

Add a twist of lime – bring the summer permanently into your home by decorating with a Cuban influence.

Cuban-influenced styling is making waves this summer, with the country’s unique aesthetic heavily influencing interior design and room styling.

Read below for four easy ways to introduce a bit of Caribbean heat into your home:

Bright & Retro

Cuba’s unique history means that it has a definite retro feel – the country remains largely unchanged since revolution and political change in the late 50’s early 60’s. As a result, vintage American cars in flamboyant shades cruise the streets lined with grand architecture, flaked with contrasting coloured paint. No fear of pastels here! Vivid colours match the vibrancy of the people, food and music!

Get the Look:

Choose bright jewel colours such as emeralds and teals, fuchsias and corals. Be bold and combine colours that create a striking effect.

Cuban Palette
Image courtesy of The Stocks


Faded Opulence

Before the communist revolution, Cuba was a wealthy country. Decadent architecture with grand features now fade and crumble as time passes. It’s common to see luxury vintage details – chandeliers, cornicing, furniture – that have remained in-situ, untouched, for half a century.

Get the look

Dress up vintage furniture finds with luxurious fabrics in jewel colours – opt for velvet, velour, silk, tassels and fringing.

Faded Opulence
L-R The Palais Collection by Clarke & Clarke, Decadence Collection by Harlequin, and Velour by Clarke & Clarke. Images courtesy of Clarke & Clarke and Style Library


Tropical Botanical

Cuba’s tropical climate makes it extremely bio-diverse, making vivid greens and structural plants a vital part of the Cuban palette.

Get the look:

Add to the vibrancy of your decor by adding large sculptural plants such as cheese plants or palms. Not green fingered? Choose bold botanical prints such as Rainforest by Prestigious Textiles, pictured below:

Cuban Tropical Botanical
Images courtesy of Prestigious Textiles


Beach Vibes

Conjure up an image of the perfect Caribbean beach and you’ll find Cuba‘s generous shoreline fits the description perfectly: stretches of fine, crystal-white sand dotted with palms and fringed with azure waters.

Get the look:

Add a beachcomber feel with the use of natural fibres and textures such as rope or wicker, raw logs or driftwood. Alternatively, opt for maritime themed fabrics in bold colours and striking patterns.

Cuban Beach Vibe
L-R Fauvismo Collection by Harlequin and Beachcomber collection by Prestigious Textiles. Images courtesy of Style Library and Prestigious Textiles.


There you have it, Closs & Hamblin’s easy guide to introduce a Cuban theme into your home. Which of the four would work best for your abode? We’d love to hear your tips!

Written by

Lucy – Web

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