15 Minute Make….Knot Fabric Headband

I finally completed a long overdue task and sorted out my fabric stash which is how I discovered a long ago purchased piece of floral jersey material.


I bought it on a whim – as a lot of you well know, sometimes you just have to have a piece of fabric! It can be the pattern, colour, texture (or all three) that appeal and it can spend months or even years stored in a box before you find the perfect project for it.

This was the case with the jersey. I didn’t buy a lot as I mainly work with cotton and jersey can be tricky for beginners but it appealed to me and I knew, one day, I would find a way to showcase it!

This brings me to this week’s tutorial – fabric headbands! This is the perfect project for beginners as it is simple, quick and doesn’t use a lot of fabric. You will need:

30 – 50cm of jersey/stretch fabric (depending on head size)

Sewing thread

Sewing machine


Marking pencil/chalk


First you need to cut two pieces of fabric the right size to fit round your head. There is no one measurement as our heads come in all shapes and sizes but generally I would say between 50 – 60cm long by 13 – 15cm wide. The headband I am making is for my 11 year old daughter so I went with 53cm x 13cm.


Now, fold each piece along the long edge, with right sides together. Stitch together using a 6mm seam allowance (remembering to back stitch at either end). Stretchy fabric is trickier to sew with so take your time and don’t worry too much if the edges don’t match exactly.


Once you have sewn both strips, turn them right side out, press and lay in a cross shape.



Fold the bottom piece in half and do the same with the top piece (this will give a ‘top knot’ effect).


Gather the four ends together and stitch across (again, remember to back stitch at each end!). If there is a lot of excess, just trim it down slightly.


And it’s done! So quick and very simple to make – with minimal fabric and supplies. My daughter has a lot of hair (I’m pretty sure there are a few lost brushes in there) and likes to keep it off her face, particularly during warmer weather. These headbands are perfect for that, and look pretty too.


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Sarah – Website

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