Closs & Hamblin Horsham: Investing in our local schools

The Closs & Hamblin Horsham store recently spearheaded a local campaign to encourage children from local primary schools in developing their knitting, sewing, and crafting skills.

Support packages including fabric remnants, thread, lots and lots of yarn, knitting needles, wallpaper, toy stuffing, and instructional booklets were delivered at the end of October to 13 primary schools in the Horsham area. The aim of the project is to deliver 2 or 3 of these support packages per year.

Jody Riddle, Horsham Store manager, said ‘I approached local primary schools in our area about supporting them to get children knitting, sewing and crafting more. I know that schools would like to be able to teach the children these skills however they are unable to do so due to lack of funding. The sad fact is that unless we act together to help the next generations learn these basic skills they may disappear forever. These basic skills were once a necessity and in everyday life, let’s bring it back.’


Horsham schools that are involved in this project are All Saint’s CE Primary School, Arunside Primary School, Heron Way Primary School, Holbrook Primary School, Kingslea Primary School, Leechpool Primary School, Littlehaven Infant School, North Heath Community Primary School, St. John’s Catholic Primary School, St. Robert Southwell Primary School, Trafalgar Community Infants School and Greenway Academy.

Rhoda Hatton, a representative of Arunside Primary School, said ‘Arunside Primary School would really like to thank [Closs & Hamblin] for the donation received this morning. The fabric, threads, needles and other assorted donations will help our children with their project work in so many ways. Thank you very much!’

St Robert Southwell Primary School tweeted the following photo of Closs & Hamblin staff delivering the crafting package:


We would like to thank the following suppliers who donated towards this fantastic project: Brimlake, Empee Silks, Guetermann, Marvic Fabrics, King Cole, Oddies Textiles, Sandersons, Sirdar, Stylecraft, and Thomas Ramsden. We can’t wait to see what the creative kids come up with!

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