Making Pom Poms!

This week’s blog comes from our youngest contributor and is a great way to start your children crafting!

Hi, I’m Fuzzie Bro. I’m 9 years old and I’ve started making pom poms. I think it’s fun and a calming thing to do.  It’s not particularly difficult when you know how to do it so I’m going to teach you!


Get a pom pom maker and the wool of your choice (any will do). The pom pom maker, in my opinion, is the easiest way to make all different sizes and shapes of pom poms. They cost about £3 but they are worth it.  You’ll also need some scissors but put these aside for later.



Open the edge arms of the pom pom maker and hold the end of the wool in your other hand. Wind the wool round the arms until the wool is up to the top of the semi-circle in the middle.



When you have completed winding, put the arms back into the side and do the other side exactly the same as the last.


When that sides arms are full, push them back into the side and cut off the wool.



Cut through the middle groove in the pom pom maker until there is no wool covering the groove.


Cut a separate piece of wool and tie a reef knot in the groove of the pom pom maker, on both sides as tight as possible.



Open all 4 arms and pull the pom pom maker apart.  Your pom pom will be before you.



If your pom pom  is a bit untidy, feel free to trim it.

This is how to make a basic plain pom pom. Now we’re going to step it up. I’m going to show you how to make pom poms with more than one colour. There are 3 ways to make a multi colour pom pom.


The easiest way is if you use a multi colour wool (see picture above) and make the pom pom in exactly the same way as a one colour pompom.



The second way is by using two, or more, colours of wool at the same time. As you can see from the pictures above, it’s exactly the same method as a basic pom pom but with two strands of wool. You can use as many colours as you like. One of the benefits of doing it this way, is you make a pom pom a lot quicker.



The third type of multi colour pom pom is half one colour and half another. All you have to do is wind one arm of your pompom maker with one wool and the other arm you wind with the other wool. The rest of the process is then the same as a basic pom pom.

Here’s a very Christmassy pom pom you can make using all three ways – it’s a Christmas pudding.

To start making a Christmas pudding,  wind one arm in plain white wool.


On the second arm, use two or three yarns. The wools should be browns and beige so that it looks like all the colours of a pudding. I use two strands of brown and one strand of the beige one.

When you’ve finished winding, use the same procedure for cutting and tying as you would for a basic pompom. If you want a loop to use for hanging the pudding, fold your wool in half before tying. Make sure the loop is on the white side of the pom pom.


When you take it out of the holder, you’ll have a Christmas pudding. As an optional extra, you can use green felt holly leaves and red beads to stick on top for extra detail. This makes a brilliant decoration for a Christmas tree!


Look out for more tutorials on all the things I make with pom poms, so you can get inspiration for your creations.

Written by

Fuzzie Bro, aged 9




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