Meet the Designer….Ronin Jewellery

Jewellery is a wonderful gift for that special someone and we are proud to stock the stunning Ronin Jewellery in selected stores and online.


Designed and handmade in Wales, this jewellery collection is fresh, stylish and fun and we are delighted to introduce you to Kay Griffith, the designer of these gorgeous ranges!

What sparked your interest in jewellery design and making?

I did a degree in Textile Design so I have always been interested in putting colours together. During my degree I learnt to gather ideas and then translate them into colour combinations and I still work in exactly the same way now with my jewellery designs.


How did you start up your business and how has it grown since?

I started Ronin with my partner Simon – whereas I have an art background, Simon comes from a business and sales background. We now also have two employees who help us make the jewellery. We feel lucky that we are able to live and work in a rural area of Wales. We sell our jewellery to shops and galleries throughout the U.K.


What inspires you?

I am always on the lookout for great colour combinations that I might be able to use in my jewellery designs. I am a magazine addict so I will often find inspiration from  fashion & interiors images, which I collect on mood boards. Pinterest is also great for gathering inspiring images.


What is your creative process?

The gathering of inspiring images that I have just mentioned is the starting point, then I will look at the gemstones and other beads available from our suppliers. I will be looking firstly for colours and then sometimes I will try to find patterned beads that I feel capture the mood of the range. We bring out new ranges 3 times a year – the Spring range comes out in January, our Summer range in May and our Winter range in September. The hardest part of the process? Definitely naming the ranges!


What materials do you generally use in your jewellery making?

We use semi-precious gemstones in our jewellery – Agates, Jaspers and Jade are stones we often use. We like to combine these with other interesting beads such as Freshwater Pearls, crystal beads and handmade glass. Gemstones are so interesting – they have often taken millions of years to form in the Earth, some come from volcanoes, some are only found in a specific area of the world. Since ancient times people have been wearing gemstones, often believing they held special powers and I find their history very interesting.


What future projects are you working on?

Our Spring ranges have recently been designed and we are now awaiting the delivery of the gemstones and beads we have chosen. We have a trade show in mid January which is important for finding new stockists. From a personal point of view I am trying to find more time to experiment with photographing our jewellery and putting my efforts on Instagram. I am also looking forward to some time off over Christmas!

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