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Spotlight On….Velvet

Velvet upholstery and accents are set to be one of the key home interior trends for 2018 and we couldn’t be more thrilled! Is there anything quite like the sumptuous, soft and luxury feel of this timeless fabric?

Velvet is a fabric like no other with a long history, widely believed to date back to the 13th century. It can be made using many different types of natural fibers, including silk, linen, wool and cotton as well as synthetics such as polyester, viscose and nylon. The type of fiber used will determine the overall texture and durability of the finished velvet and therefore how it can be used.

Velvet can often be dismissed when redesigning home interiors but it’s worth a second look! It will add a depth and richness to your decor with just an accent here or there – a cushion or a throw for example. And as for maintenance, like all quality furnishings, velvet needs to be cared for but is not designed to look brand new forever. If you have ever visited a vintage store or home, any velvet pieces will have a natural aged charm and character that cannot be feigned.


We have put together our favourite velvet collections from a range of designer brands, so whether you want to upholster your sofa or have a few light touches around your home, we have the best choice to suit your decor. Bohemian themes, traditional decor or contemporary interiors – velvet has a place in them all!

‘Palais’ – Clarke & Clarke

A pure cotton velvet, Palais has a staggering 63 colours to choose from and can be used for both upholstery and curtains. It’s an all-round classic in look and texture and so versatile!

'Boho Velvets' - Sanderson
‘Boho Velvets’ – Sanderson

Boho has a gorgeously soft feel but is extremely hardwearing! A decadent plain velvet, it has a very vintage appeal and is available in over 20 beautiful shades.

‘Folia Velvets’ – Harlequin

A cotton rich velvet, Folia is plain but striking and has so many colours to choose from! Ranging from jewel brights and cool tones to warmer hues and natural shades, you are sure to find a colour to suit your interiors.

‘Icaria’ – Sanderson

Why not take a look at Icaria by Sanderson. The subtle, tree bark pattern gives a more textured aesthetic and this viscose velvet is available in over 20 shades. Durable but stylish, it is perfect for upholstery and drapery usage.

‘Ascent’ – Harlequin


Ascent is a cut velvet fabric with an unusual mosaic pebble design. There are 13 shades to choose from with colours ranging from jewel tones to neutrals. It’s particularly suited to more modern interiors as illustrated above.

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