Ten Minute Make….Fabric Flowers


These sweet fabric flowers are so quick and easy to create! They make charming additions to any home or a great, handmade gift for any occasion – Mother’s Day, birthdays, Easter and more.


One of the best things about making your own flowers is getting to choose the fabrics! You don’t need a lot of material to make these so they are great stash busters or the perfect excuse for a visit to your local C&H!


You will need:

5 circles of fabric

Sewing thread

Small felt circle


Sewing needle

Dressmakers pins




First, take your fabric circles and fold them in half, then in half again and secure with a pin.


Sew the circles together using a continuous running stitch along the raw edges.


Now gather the running stitches , tie off securely and trim the ends of the thread.


Glue a felt circle to the back of the flower, making sure all the raw edges are covered.


Finally, glue a button to the centre front, again making sure all the raw edges are covered.


Ta Dah! You have made a decorative fabric flower. Feel free to add extra detail to your floral creation – a hessian leaf backing, sequins, beads….the list is endless!

There are so many uses for these charming little buds – fashion in to a brooch, use as a garment embellishment or make lots and add stems to create a bouquet that will last for years to come!

Written by

Elaine – Head Office

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